Building a Sustainable Community for Efficient Use of Natural Resources

Fast paced development, advancement and commercialization are leading to the dilapidation of the Earth’s environment. Although development is essential for the amelioration of the quality of living of humans, ironically, it is leaving an unfavorable impact on the Earth’s environment as well as on our health. The by-products of these ongoing developmental projects are increased levels of air pollution, noise pollution, full landfills, congestion, depletion of the Earth’s resources, afforestation, and increased carbon footprints on the Earth’s environment. In order to convalesce this condition, more and more people are shifting towards sustainable living and adopting methods that enable sustainable development.


Sustainable economic development implies creating a green and eco-friendly environment for the entire society. We discuss here some strategies to achieve our green goals.



A city’s infrastructure has a major role to play when it comes to the environment. A poor infrastructure creates unplanned road-maps and an indigent transportation system. It leads to more and more people traveling in their own vehicles. This increases air and noise pollution and degenerates the environment. A well planned city has an efficient transportation system and maximum people make use of it to commute.


As a community, locally available resources should be preferred as much as possible. Everyone benefits by being able to meet the needs of the community with locally produced products and services. This improves the internal economy and makes the community prosper.


Natural Sunlight in RoomEnergy should be conserved in every way possible. You may turn off the lights during the day and make use of natural sunlight. Also, energy efficient lights and other electronics must be used. The Earth is being stripped off of its natural non renewable resources and conserving energy collectively is the only solution.


The field of sustainable development is new and is creating immense job opportunities. Creating more jobs in research and development of new and better technologies and software that enable green living will lead to sustainable development.