How to Choose Room Curtains

Room curtains and drapes can completely alter the face of a room. It can bring life to an otherwise dull room or can make a tired and old room look newfangled. However, this process can be overwhelming and can end up being disastrous. It can make your room look shabby, distasteful or not provide the convenience it was intended for. That’s why we suggest some very important guidelines for making your selection process simple and effective.


lightening from curtains

Room curtains are used to enhance lighting effects in a room according to the inhabitant’s preferences. Some people prefer more light whereas some prefer completely dark rooms. If you want ample light entering your room, use a thin material for room curtains and for complete darkness, thick materials like velvet, suede, and silk can be used. We suggest that you use neutral shades for places where more natural light is allowed to enter the room. It also blends perfectly with the room interior.



For more privacy, choose room curtains that are slightly bigger than the window so that when you draw them, they cover the window completely and there is no peep through. Ideally, it should be 4 to 8 inches bigger than the window. Also, ensure that its size is such that when you draw the curtain, it still maintains a good fall.



The size of the curtain depends mainly on your styling for the room. For example, for giving your room a neat look, choose the exact size of the window lengthwise. For enhancing the length of the room, increase the length of the curtain. For making a room look dramatic, choose the length of the wall. Also, for a classic and vintage feel, let the curtain fall and curl at the floor by being 2 to 3 inches longer than the height of the wall.



A room curtain’s style is selected based on the type of interiors of the room. If your room has a subtle interior, you can add curtains with bold prints or bright colors; if your room already is luxuriously decorated, choose neutral and solid colors to bring down its effect and lend a more balanced appearance. We also suggest that you play with the color palette by carrying the color palette booklet to the particular room and try to be creative. A room should always reflect the personality of its inhabitants, thus, try to personalize instead of blindly following suggestions like a rule book.



When picking room curtains, make them hang to see the fall of the material. Some materials do not fall and spread even when the curtain is drawn, which means that the material is too light. Ideally, heavy materials should be used such as silk, suede or velvet. Faux silk is very durable and does not rot like silk. Even light materials can be made heavy by proper lining and interlining.

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