Benefits of Green Buildings in Zirakpur

Chandigarh is emerging and evolving at a fast pace. Due to the limitation on its area, it is seeing high speed development in its neighbouring region, of that, Zirakpur being the main one. Earlier a small village, is now seeing high rise buildings, green apartments in zirakpur, offices and shopping malls. Only 14km from Chandigarh, it is well connected to the entire city as well as directly connected to the Delhi-Shimla highway.

Growth in the realty sector has given rise to massive construction projects which in turn has lead to increase in pollution as well as it is causing irredeemable damage to nature. It is important that we adopt sustainable methods of development and give something back to nature when we are taking so much from it. Thus, the concept of green buildings came into being.

Green buildings are those buildings that have some or all of the following features:

• Use of eco- friendly building materials in their construction
• Natural lighting wherever possible
• Use of solar energy for generating electricity
• Use of rain water harvesting technique for efficient management of water
• Recycling of waste
• More trees in the surroundings for fresh air, etc.

Green buildings are constructed with the goal of reducing harmful effects of construction and maintenance of buildings on the environment as well as on humans. Following are the overall benefits of a green building:

  • Environment: Use of renewable natural resources and efficient management of waste, water, materials etc reduce the damage caused to the environment.
  • Health: According to a study, people living in green buildings breathe air that is more pure and fresh and their overall health is much better than of those people who live in ordinary buildings.
  • Benefit to the seller: Green apartments in Zirakpur  need to get certified for being so, which increases the cost of the building by 2-3%. Green buildings are sold at a premium as compared to ordinary buildings.
  • Benefit to the buyer: Green apartments in Zirakpur are a great investment for a buyer, because although they are a little more expensive, they have a higher resale value in comparison to ordinary buildings.

Hence, the overall impact of green buildings is positive and progressive. If you are looking for a home in tricity, visit the Green Lotus Avenue, tricity’s very first green residential project. It promotes a sustainable lifestyle and features all amenities for your well being, comfort and luxury at affordable rates.