Master Room Make Over Effortlessly

Have you been thinking lately of changing the interior of your master room but somehow can’t get your head around it? Planning a room makeover can be daunting and confusing, especially if you don’t want to take professional help to avoid burning a hole in your pocket and decide to do it on your own.

We bring you some really easy ideas that will work wonders and completely transform the face of your room on a budget. All you need to do is play around with them while implementing them and add your own style statement. You will end up with a very artistic and exquisite home.

Decorate the Dining Table


Do up your dining table with a statement table cloth and/ or display beautiful decoration items such as scented candles placed on antique candle stands, artificial flowers, dry snacks in unconventional platters, etc.

Hang the Interior Curtains


Partitioning your room with a light and translucent curtain or drape will add drama and style. You will see an instant room makeover and fall in love with it! All you need to do is cleverly decide the place of the partition so that it doesn’t look out of place.

Matching Bedroom


We have a tendency to match everything that we lay on our bed right from bed covers to cushions, runners, and duvets. We even stick to standard cushion sizes and shapes. You will be surprised to see a total room makeover by placing some over-sized cushions in different shapes, throwing a runner with a bold and bright pattern and laying the duvet with a little crinkle.

Antique Bathroom Decor


A bathroom is a place which usually has a cold and bare feel to it. Give it a warm and rich look by placing a big vintage piece of furniture or decoration inside it. If it is wooden, it would look even better.

Seating Away from Walls


The way in which the seating such as sofas, chairs and couches are placed is critical to a master room interior. Placing them away from the walls and close together gives a sense of intimacy.


These ideas can be adapted easily even if you are shifting to a new home. Create your dream home on a budget by using these tips and tricks. If you are house hunting and looking for flats in Zirakpur, a fast developing suburb area around Chandigarh, visit Green Lotus Avenue, regions first green residential project with spacious homes, eclat interiors and all facilities of convenience and comfort.