New Year Resolutions

“This new year, I am going to lose weight.”
“This new year, I am going to write a book.”
“This new year, I am going quit smoking.”
“This new year, I am going to travel.”
“This new year, I am going to spend more time with my family.”

…and the list goes on. Year after year we make new year resolutions; year after year we break them. It’s that time of the year again, when we will make new promises to ourselves. Deep down we also fear that we might break them, before we even know it!

The number one reason why we break our new year resolutions so easily is that while we know what we want, we don’t know how to achieve it. Secondly, we either lose interest in it or become impatient to see results and quickly become demotivated. So why do you think that this new year will be any different? To help you manifest your new year’s resolutions, we discuss tried and tested strategies in which you can finally achieve success and make your wishes come true!

Just making a wish is not enough. We need to know all the ways in which we can achieve them. Turn your new year’s resolutions into a plan of action and break them into small, measurable and achievable goals.

Good things take time. Focus on achieving those little goals, and treat yourself at every little step of success. These small celebrations go a long way in keeping you positive and excited about your journey.

Setbacks are as much a part of a goal as are victories. It is human nature to get demotivated easily as we slip back into our comfort zone and move away from anything that we think is difficult to do. That’s why, make regular efforts to lift your spirits and keep yourself on your toes!

Do not quit. It is okay to take breaks; it is okay to have bad days, but it is not okay to give up. Keep gathering yourself up and keep walking towards your goal.

Any goal can be accomplished if you remain passionate and dedicated to it. Apart from our personal wishes and goals, as responsible citizens, it is our duty to be concerned about the constantly deteriorating environment around us. Among our other new year’s resolutions, let’s also promise to plant more trees, build eco- friendly buildings and go green.