Should I Buy a Penthouse?

First choice of most buyers when looking to purchase a flat is a penthouse. A penthouse is an apartment situated on the top floor of a residential tower. It usually includes the rooftop area of the building until and unless the rights to them have not been sold. Penthouses are quite spacious and much bigger than other apartments in the building. So, for example, if a building’s floor has four houses, then the rooftop will have either one or two penthouses.

The main attraction of a penthouse due to which buyers are ready to pay additional price is the panoramic 360 degrees view that it offers. Penthouses are a feature only of cities so you can view the busy city life below and feel its pulse from the calm of your luxury condo. Living in penthouses is quite peaceful as compared to living in other apartments because, firstly, they are farther away from the hustle and bustle outside and, secondly, you can stay on your terrace garden with no one to buzz you around. Usually, there is only one penthouse on a tower’s rooftop. People’s number one reason to invest in penthouses is because of the extra space that they get and the freedom to customize and utilize that space according to their needs and requirements. One can also use the extra space to include a swimming pool, terrace garden, alfresco lounge etc.


All these attractions have a flip side too and penthouses do come with their share of drawbacks. Firstly, penthouses are abnormally expensive which can range to almost double the price of a regular apartment. Because of all the perks that come with them, they are usually priced 10% to 50% above the prices of other apartments. However, since only a few penthouses are available for sale in a residential project, their prices are also less volatile and less likely to be affected by any changes in the realty market. Secondly, sometimes the access to the rooftop is only through the penthouse, this will require repair and maintenance services persons to visit the private space can be quite disturbing. Thirdly, penthouses take longer to reach the ground floor, and in cases of emergency, this is not a very favorable situation. Fourthly, penthouses have access to bad weather conditions such as water leakage in monsoon, snowfall on the rooftop etc. and any such maintenance expenses are usually borne by the occupant.

drawing-room- Penthouses

Regardless of all these concerns, penthouses are a lifestyle choice and are sorted after by people who are accustomed to an elite life. In order to meet this demand, Green Lotus Avenue brings to you ultra-luxurious penthouses in Zirakpur. Located right on the outskirts of Chandigarh, they have modern architecture, spacious rooms and are loaded with facilities for the convenience of its residents.