Region’s First Green Residential Project in Zirakpur

With so many high rise buildings and rapid execution of construction projects, swift commercialization is deteriorating our environment and is being a reason of causing severe damage to the health of people living around in that area. Due to this, more and more investors and builders are investing in green residential projects in zirakpur in order to bring down these detrimental effects and take a step towards saving the environment as well as creating a healthy and harmless atmosphere for the people living around Chandigarh.

Barnala Developers, providers of many successful housing and commercial projects in the tricity has launched the region’s first green residential project in Zirakpur, Green Lotus Avenue. A green project makes use of natural resources while constructing and maintaining buildings and makes an attempt at reducing negative impact on the environment.

A Green Residential Project in Zirakpur adopts methods such as:

Solar Energy

Region’s first green residential project in Zirakpur, Green Lotus Avenue, uses solar energy wherever possible to provide uninterrupted supply of electricity to its residents. Huge solar panels have been installed at the rooftops of penthouses and electricity is distributed everywhere in the compound. This results in significant savings in energy bills as well as helps in saving the environment.

Rain Water Harvesting

Rain water harvesting is a technique of storing rain water falling on a hard surface and treating it and making it fit for uses such as gardening, washing vehicles etc. Green Lotus Avenue also incorporated this key eco friendly feature in the project for efficient use of natural resource such as water.

Eco- Friendly Building Material

Green Lotus Avenue apartments uses eco-friendly building material in the construction of region’s first green residential project which helps in reducing the harmful impact on the environment and promoting healthy lifestyle.

Waste Recycling

Each flat in Green Lotus Avenue be it 2 bhk flat or 5 bhk flat incorporates waste management as an essential component of amenities being offered.

Planting trees

Enjoy fresh air and experience rejuvenating evenings at region’s first green residential project. At Green Lotus Avenue, ample use of landscape is planned with trees for a healthy, fresh and serene environment.

At Green Lotus Avenue enjoy luxurious life with eclat interiors, spacious homes and a healthy living. Green Lotus Avenue project is situated right on the outskirts of Chandigarh providing you the convenience of living close to a planned city yet being close to nature surrounded by greenery and fresh air.