Things to Consider Before Making a Green Home

Due to unusual environmental changes, damaging human activities and deterioration of the health of people, more and more people today are becoming conscious about making environment friendly decisions. This awareness has even seeped into the real estate department. The construction and/ or maintenance of buildings cause a lot of pollution in many forms. To be able to sustain a healthy environment for living, people are bending towards using green methods of construction and adopting a sustainable lifestyle.

Before we consider making a green home, we can ask ourselves the following questions, on an individual basis.


1.Do you have shade from big trees on your rooftop?
2.How much sunlight is your roof exposed to?
3.What are the various viable sources of energy available to you, for example, solar energy, geothermal energy, etc?

WINDOWS AND DOORSGreen-Home-greenlotusavenue - 1

1.What is the material of the window panel and doors?
2.Do the windows/ doors have a leak?
3.Does the window’s glass moderate the room’s temperature?
4.How heavy are the curtains that are hanging at the windows?


1.How old is the building material?
2.Is the building material made from environment friendly material?
3.How much can you reuse and/ or recycle at the time of buying new building material?


1.How well insulated is your home?
2.What material has been used to insulate your home?
3.When was the last time that you updated your insulation?


1.What is the color of your roof?
2.What is the material that the roof is made up of?
3.How old is the roof?


1.which fixtures/ equipment such as lights, air conditioner, washing machine, heater, etc, consume maximum energy in your home?
2.Can the fixtures/ equipment that uses a lot of energy be replaced with energy efficient fixtures/ equipment?


Every little detail contributes towards major changes if we all incorporate a conscious and responsible lifestyle. Sustainable living helps us in creating a healthy environment for ourselves, our loved ones and our future generations to come.