A Guide to Different Types of Apartments

House hunting is a taxing job. It involves too many factors that need to be taken into consideration. Finding one that meets all of them is going to leave us flabbergasted because it is near impossible to achieve that! The first thing that will come to our minds when looking for a new apartment is our budget. After that the other priorities are location and the neighborhood. As a layman, when we look for apartments in zirakpur, we might not be aware of the property sector’s jargon. There are different types of apartments and we can choose one that matches our needs and budget.

STUDIO APARTMENTSstudio apartment

A studio apartment is a single room apartment that encompasses everything other than the bathroom. For example, one corner might have the living area, one corner might have the kitchenette area and in between could be the dining room. Studio apartments may have space saving furniture such as beds which you can fold to increase space, custom furniture which is according to the size of the studio apartment and built according to specifications such as lightweight and easy to move.




These are the most common types of apartments which we can usually find for sale. The bigger 5 bhk apartments have usually bathrooms attached to the bedroom, a large living room, dining room with open kitchen, a separate maid’s room with attached bathroom, a small room which can be used for storage and big balconies. These homes can be termed as complete homes and are perfect for small and families.




These types of apartments are for the elite. High ceilings, few walls and maximum space are their common traits. In most cases, these apartments have earlier been commercial buildings which have now been refurbished into residential towers. Lofts make ideal bachelor pads too.



A duplex apartment is one which has two levels or two floors and is interconnected internally through a staircase. A triplex apartment is one which has three floors and is internally connected as well. These types of apartments are perfect for large families.




garden apartmentsGARDEN APARTMENTS

These types of apartments have access to a garden. Garden apartments are situated on the ground floor of the building. Depending on the agreement, you may have access to a common garden which is accessible to all residents of the building, or it may be your own personal garden.



A penthouse is an apartment situated on the top floor of a residential building. A penthouse gives you access to your rooftop and you get breathtaking 360 degrees panoramic views from a height. These are considered to be luxury apartments and are priced 5% to 10% higher than other apartments.