Water Conservation Methods at Home

Saving Earth’s precious resources is our responsibility as well as the need of the hour. Rapidly growing population is leading to an increased dependence by us on Earth’s resources. Fresh and clean water is a limited resource. About 2% of the total water on Earth is fresh water and a whopping 97% of it is salt water. Due to this fact, it is necessary that we conserve water in every way possible. It is a myth that conservation of resources requires sophisticated equipment and high expenses. Although, research and development have innovated methods to conserve resources in as many ways as possible, on a daily basis every individual’s efforts count and contribute as well.

5-ways-to-save-water-at-homeBelow, we discuss some easy methods in which we can conserve water at home.

1.Water flows out of the faucet at the speed of 2.5 gallons per minute, hence, if we turn it off while brushing or washing our hands, we can save hundreds of gallons of fresh water per year.

2.The water remaining after cleaning clothes can be used as flush water in our toilets.

3.By installing a rain barrel we can store rain water and use that stored water in a couple of ways such as washing cars, watering our plants, etc. Also by fixing all the leaks in the house saves water as well as the mess.

4.Spending less time in the shower can again save hundreds of gallons of fresh water per year.

5.Using our dishwasher and washing machine only when they are fully loaded so that it is used less frequently, hence, less water is utilized.


An immense amount of water can be saved collectively, if each one of us, on an individual basis can bring these subtle and easy changes into our lives and make it a part of our lifestyle. Let’s save our planet and create a healthy environment for us as well as our future generations.