Rain Water Harvesting

We at Green Lotus Avenue have tied up with expert providers of the rain water harvesting technique, investing in sustainable technology to capture rain water that falls on hard surfaces like the terrace or courtyard and then treat it and make it fit for use. With the growing scarcity of water, we as providers of this green project in Zirakpur take on the responsibility to create homes in such a way that we may be able to do so while reducing wastage of water and having more efficient water management systems.

Green Living

Our green project in Zirakpur situated among sylvan surroundings provides high quality of living which is peaceful and healthy. Tricitys first ever green project in Zirakpur boasts of having a heavy dependence on natural resources as much as possible for electricity, water, waste recycling, eco-friendly building materials etc. It is a gated housing society and has beautiful landscapes full of trees for fresh air and many facilities like a yoga centre, a swimming pool, a jogging track etc. for you to make the most of it.

Utilizing Solar Energy

The Green Lotus Avenue has utilized solar energy wherever possible to overcome the problem of shortage of electricity and provide uninterrupted power supply to all its residents. Utilizing solar panels for energy in this green project in Zirakpur, also brings down the electricity bills. The solar panels used are placed on the rooftops of 2BHK penthouses and energy is distributed to all apartments from there.

Luxury At Its Best

This beautiful and spacious green project in Zirakpur has a long list of amenities, conveniences and comforts that make living here a delightful experience. When you enter your residence, the peaceful ambience and fresh air will take away your stress and refresh your senses. The services, facilities and comfort features will bring you peace of mind and make you indulge in your home.

Underground Parking

Underground parking has innumerable benefits in a housing society. First and foremost, it clears up a lot of space at the ground level for utilization and/ or leisure by the residents. Secondly, it keeps noise pollution and air pollution at bay, creating a peaceful, healthy and pleasant environment. Finally, with no cluttered parking lots in site, it gives a sense of open space.

Sustainable Lifestyle

We enable a sustainable lifestyle by minimizing the damage caused to nature and making maximum use of renewable natural resources. Ethically utilizing natural resources and taking care of our residents needs in every way possible, we are a brand synonymous with trust. Our green project in Zirakpur is one of a kind which has ultra modern architecture, enables an ultra luxurious lifestyle and yet has been created in the most ethical and responsible manner.