Griha Pravesh Tips for This Festive Season

During this auspicious season, particularly in the months of September, October & November, the Indian real estate market experiences a great revival. Most of the people plan ahead of this festive season to buy new homes during this period so that the good health, wealth, happiness and prosperity last forever. While the most of you may have already moved, but for those who are still planning to shift into a new home, you must plan for Griha Pravesh Puja for your home.

After all, Griha Pravesh Puja is one of the most important Hindu rituals in India and as it symbolizes your first entry into a newly built home, that auspicious moment is generally chosen in conjunction with Vastu Shastra and Vedic astrology as well. And as per Vastu Shastra and Vedic astrology, a house is considered only complete when the doors and roofs are installed. Hence, Griha Pravesh ceremony should be done only after it.

The Importance of Griha Pravesh Puja

You’ve recently become a homeowner and you’ve fulfilled your dream of having a beautiful home and not to forget, your efforts, savings and compromises. Now, as every sacrifice you made ever have now finally proved to be worthy, you should ensure that you are performing a Griha Pravesh Puja at an auspicious time, i.e. muhurat to balance the five elements sky, space, air, water, fire and earth, which if not performed may lead to imbalance in these elements thus leading to sickness of mind and body. So, a Griha Pravesh ceremony along with the right vastu is necessary to keep all these 5 elements in balance to live a harmonious life. This Puja is done to ward off the evil effects or the negative energy that may disrupt the harmony of the home and its inmates.

Below are a few important aspects of this custom:

The Griha Pravesh is not an ordinary Puja or ceremony, at least not in India. However, for some it may sound superstitious, but for many it is a belief that comes from inside. This is why you should plan well before this big day and the best part is that it comes gas a great rescuer in these ongoing festive months.

Therefore, Green Lotus Avenue has come up with a post to offer you some tips on Griha Pravesh that will help you bring positive energy into the home.

Vastu Tips for Griha Pravesh

When it comes to performing an auspicious ceremony, there is a shubh muhurat, which mainly includes Ganesha Puja. The figure of eternal vastu demi god is drawn on mandala to invoke the blessing of the god and nine planets, which act as spectators of the ceremony. Moreover, there are certain rules and Vidhi which you should follow to reap the maximum benefits of this Puja.

The Offerings for this Occasion

Whether simple or elaborate, depending upon the homeowner, Griha Pravesh Puja is usually conducted to purify the space and ambiance of the home to cleanse it of any negative forces. The smoke of the havana is carried to all the areas of the home and after that the home is encircled with a sacred three times, beginning from the auspicious eastern corner. These sacred threads are tried as a protective measure to avoid any evil cast. This ritual is a part of a Rakshoghna Mantra and Pavamana Mantra.

Auspicious Time & Months

According to some vastu shastra and astrology experts, moving into a new home during the auspicious time or shubh muhurat helps evade the struggles that could come into your life ahead thus making your life easier. Akshay Tritya, Gudi Padwa, Vasant Panchami and Dussehra are considered to be the best shubh muhurats. Whereas the unlucky days like Holi, Uttarayana, Shraddha Paksha and Adhikmas must be avoided.

To achieve the best results, perform a Griha Pravesh ceremony in the months of Kartik and Margshirsh. And as the months of Shravan, Ashadh, Bhadrapad and Ashwin Paush are observed as unfavorable, they are to be avoided to save oneself from losses, pains and also the fear of opponents.

Doors/Entrance of the Home

The main door or the entrance of the house should be decorated with mango leaves or fresh flowers, because it is known as Simha Dwara which is believed to be a face of Vastu Purusha. Hence, make sure all these things are taken care of to enjoy the best results.

For the homeowners, who are eagerly waiting for their Griha Pravesh can perform the ceremony on Akshay Tritya. This day is coming soon so be prepared for the time when you will be moving into your new home.

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