5 Reasons why Flats for Sale in Zirakpur are So Popular

Over the last few years, the culture of apartment or flat living has taken a huge leap among home buyers. This particular shift is taking place in large part because of the various reasons that may range from level of comfort to luxury and affordability. Of course, it sounds idyllic and for many people today, it’s now a big goal to achieve.

Be it young or old, upwardly mobile people are choosing to live right where they’re never far from almost anything they need, whether that be shopping, sports facilities, fitness center and banquet hall. There are countless of joys and benefits of living in flats for sale in Zirakpur.

With that said, Green Lotus Avenue or GLA offer residential complexes that are well equipped with modern technology, best infrastructure, energy efficiency and sustainable construction to provide you with not only luxury but a happy and safe residence as well.

So, what are the drawcards that these flats offer to its buyers. Here is a breakdown of amenities that comes with the home ownership of a flat by Green Lotus Avenue:

Indoor and Outdoor Activities

The flats for sale in Mohali offered by GLA comes with a club house that have the place to inculcate all your indoor activities with rooms for card & carrom, pool table & billiards so that you and your kids don’t have to step outside the premises to play their favorite games. Also, there is a plenty of open play area dedicated for your kids where they can enjoy freely anytime.

Space to Keep you Fit and Energize

With world-class gymnasium, clear swimming pool, elevated jogging track, rejuvenating yoga, aerobics and meditation rooms, modern flats encourages and fosters an environment conducive for residents to maintain the well being and fitness. Having permanent and easy access to these entities eliminates the need of paying much to join a fitness center elsewhere. The quick access also gives you the flexibility to start working out at anytime of the day as per your wish.

Energy Efficient Infrastructure

People have started realizing the importance of energy efficient infrastructure and the role it plays in mitigating the heat retention during the winter while keeping you cool in summer. This mitigation also helps in lowering down your electricity bills. And Green Lotus Avenue is a one-of-kind project that is a green project and utilizes natural resources wherever possible in its construction and maintenance. In addition, it promotes sustainable living with the use of solar energy for generating electricity, rainwater harvesting and the use of eco-friendly materials.

Underground Parking

Underground parking clears up an abundant space at the ground level to utilize for leisure or recreational activities by the residents. Moreover, it reduces a wide range of non-sustainability issues like noise pollution, air pollution and solid waste by creating a healthy and peaceful environment. These flats have underground parking with no cluttered parking lots in the site to give you the sense of an open space.

Fullest Experience of Luxury Flats for Sale

Green Lotus Avenue is a spacious, beautiful and green residential project in Zirakpur with endless amenities and conveniences to not only give you a great deal of comfort but also unparalleled customer services. Flats for sale in Zirakpur strikes a flawless balance between opulent and modern amenities to offer its residents with the fullest experience of luxury at its best.

To book a site visit at Green Lotus Avenue, call at 9569111222 and you will be well in your way to find the perfect flat to meet your needs.